Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wat a sad morning :(

First thing in the morning..... just wake up from my cold sleep.... damn you fan make me so cold... then online fb chat with Opie Sophie sharing our sadness >.< BUT Opie already crazy cuz she at home to long (btw me also lol 24/7 at home =.=') one more where is Comey nie... arrrrr yesterday chat2 then sudden offline~ haiz.... thx that all.... :(


  1. alaaa kyman rilex la..hihi..ktaorg klw tetibe offline tu means ade keje la tu..jgn sedey2 yerr.. :))

  2. huhuhu mane x sedey nyer... :P

  3. crazy on that day only maa...
    but now im ok (: