Saturday, July 9, 2011

09 july 2011..... another day of tragedy

wake up in the morning.... surf the forum and see BERSIH 2.0 demo.... is quite nice of a view :D.... but the the that i most upset about is the policeman behavior... they just like one of a guy in the movie that entitle "KL Gangster" shouting, beating innocent people that only request for clean vote.... no phantom voter (pengundi hantu) dirty politic and etc.... and the policeman and the enforcer just fire their chemical weapon toward the crowd... and the victim is a auntie was wet by chemical water that spray by them... But the auntie was unarmed... and also a young man beaten by policeman until his leg broke...... IS this a policeman job? beating people that request for clean vote????? what do you guys think? comment some :) cheers

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